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What can PR do for you?

To sum it all up in one word: Publicity. In a hyper-competitive world where millions of brands are competing for the same eyeballs, your business’s success comes down to one single thing - attention. Your ability to get massive amounts of attention, and keep it.

However, in this cut-throat marketplace where attention is the ultimate currency… It’s now sold to the highest bidder. So unless you’re a corporation stacked with cash to spend on PR, all you can do is hope with enough work that you might get your lucky break in the spotlight one day.

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No longer do I have to spend countless hours engaging, reaching out, and searching for accounts in hopes to have them follow my pages. Now, I can fully focus on creating content and Trusy handles everything as far as follower growth goes!

Sarah Whatford

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Easily and effectively make positive exposure and visibility to your brand by sending articles to announce milestones and events.

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With press coverage from our partners, you will get the publicity you need to become successful in your industry. 

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Get a call-back from one of our experts today to hear how we can help you with press coverage for as low as $147 /month.


Interview session 

After signing up, your account manager will reach out and provide you with 5-10 interview questions to answer.

Publication outreach 

Once we have received your answers we will reach out to our partnering online publications to get your story published.

Publicity time! 

Your account manager will then reach out to you with more information regarding when your article will go live and what publication it will be featured on.


Saving us hours of work

 We use Trusy to grow all of our client’s Instagram accounts getting us results that aren’t possible on your own. By giving us more freedom to focus on content, Trusy allows us to grow Instagram pages even faster than before.

Anthony Wright

"As seen on Forbes, Yahoo News, Business Insider, USA Today..."

Have you ever wondered how brands seem to get featured in publications like these? Is it just luck? Or by spending a ton of money? Or maybe just knowing the right people?

Until now, it’s been a mix of all 3. To get your brand featured on major media outlets, you either need to get lucky by going viral, know someone on the inside, or be ready to pay well over $10,000. Well, we’re happy to say that all changes today.

Viral press coverage

We focus on getting your brand’s message out across to the hottest media platforms that attract millions of viewers a month. Delivering your message to these mass media platforms can result in a windfall of traffic & exposure to your brand.

Examples of publications you can be featured In:

How does the service work?

After growing the social platform of billion-dollar companies, startups, and everyone in between… We've developed a proprietary formula to give everyday brands the chance to experience the same spotlight normally reserved for a select few.

To achieve this, we use a simple 3 step process:

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"I was reluctant at first because I have never used a third party to grow my account and I did not want it to look like I bought a following but the results were great! Organic, steady growth & good customer service! Highly recommended."

Frequently asked questions

Check out some of the frequent questions we get regarding our service.

What guarantees do you have around the date of distribution?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any guarantees about the time and date when your press release will be distributed. However, 97% of our articles are published and distributed without delay. We cannot guarantee immediate release due to the fact that we have fewer staff members available for review on weekends and holidays. With this in mind, we do promise that we will never send out your article prior to the date we told you it is supposed to go out!

What is the advantage of using Trusy article publication services?

By sending out a barrage of articles to announce milestones and events, you easily and effectively bring positive exposure and visibility to your brand. Besides that, an ongoing campaign gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your strategy, to determine what works and what doesn’t work, and adjust your efforts accordingly.

Can I edit my article after it has been published?

We encourage you to spend as much time on editing and revision as possible to make your press release exactly as you envision it before submitting it to us. We say this because once we have published your article, we can remove it from the publishers' site if you request us to do so. However, we will be unable to provide you with any type of refund should you choose to do this.

Do you provide refunds for this service?

We do not offer any refunds for our article publication services and all purchases for this service are final. This is not some plug-and-play growth strategy and this is not an automated system. We have a team of professionals and influencers who will be working on your account with us on a daily basis and in turn, they must be compensated.

How quickly can you start?

You will be contacted within 24 hours after you purchase a package. From there, our team will start the process of getting you included in your promotions! All packages are a month-to-month recurring package that can be canceled anytime - So, over the 4 weeks following you purchasing a package from us our team will be working on getting your articles published on the sites outlined in the package you purchase each and every day!

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About Trusy Social

We are a scrappy team based in the Southeast, US. Our team has years of social media marketing experience and through this experience we found a unique targeted growth formula that finds users within the right niche and places your content in front of them. 

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Get featured on top news sites today! 

Select a package that best suits your needs and our team will begin working immediately to bring massive attention to you, your business and your brand!

You write, we publish.

  • Guaranteed publishing to 100+ sites
  • Report with live URLs of all your articles
  • 10-12 days delivery


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We write and publish.

  • Professionally written 500 word article
  • Features on 2 premium publications NBC, ABC, FOX, or CBS Affiliates
  • Guaranteed publishing to 200+ sites
  • Published to Google News 
  • Report with live URLs of all your articles
  • 8-10 days delivery
  • 1 free round of revisions


$447 $347

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We write and publish.

  • Professionally written 500 word article
  • Published to NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS affiliates
  • Guaranteed publishing to 300+ sites
  • Published to Google News 
  • Report with live URLs of all your articles
  • 5-7 day express delivery
  • 2 free rounds of revisions


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We write and publish.

  • Distribution to Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, APNews, Digital Journal, and 500+ sites.
  • Professionally written 500-word article
  • Report with live URLs of all your articles
  • 7-10 day delivery
  • Unlimited revisions


$1297 $997

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